Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Department of Technical Education

Government of Manipur



Main function and duties of the department are:

1.          Promotion of Technical Education in the state.

2.          Planning, Budgeting and Co-ordinate Development of Technical Education System.

3.          Regulation and maintenance of All India Norms and Standards.

4.          To make linkages with other Institution/Organisations.

5.          To provide career development of Faculty and other associated with the system.

6.          To arrange for training of students in various Institutions.

7.          To arrange Continuing Education Programmes for teaching staff, laboratories and workshop staffs etc.

8.          To identify the crucial Technical Main power for the present/future needs by establishing a Technical Main power information unit.

9.          Monitoring and Evaluation of performances of Institutions in order to make corrective measures and increase the effectiveness of the system.

10.          Building system of quality assurance and accountability.

11.          Design and implementation of relevant curriculum and quality instructions.

12.          Evolution of new programmes.

13.          Interaction with Industry and Students.

14.          Interaction with the society at large.

15.          Development of feedback system.